Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Pai Thnee Kong" night or Prayers to the Jade Emperor

This is the 8th night of the Chinese New Year(21st Feb.2010), usually celebrate by the Hokkien Chinese but nowadays everybody celebrates every celebration in Malaysia. Well, more fun right? Pai Thnee Kong night or prayers to the Jade Emperor or direct translation as Prayers to the God of Heaven. My Dad said all Chinese pray for 3 things, 1. Money,2. Good Health and 3. Peace. but more prayers are on money. Don't ask me why.The prayers will be perform around midnight where we offers fruits,cakes,sugar cane(very important),burning of joss stick and joss paper ,this usually follows by lots of firecrackers being set off.This video is taken directly in front of my house, here is Batu Maung , every year you will hear the sound of firecrackers every minute non-stop on the 9th night of Chinese New Year and this year is also the same. It is very loud but we enjoy this type of environment, we are Chinese ma. LOL.